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Center of Excellence @ 8200 Unit Alumni Conference

The EMC Israel CoE recently participated in an Alumni Conference organized by the IDF 8200 Unit (Intelligence Corps). The CoE's involvement was aimed at raising awareness of the EMC Center of Excellence, EMC and RSA brand and local operations within this particular community. The event was attended by hundreds of the 8200 Unit's alumni – both young and old, as well as former graduates who now work for EMC/RSA in the EMC Center of Excellence.
Center of Excellence @ 8200 Unit Alumni Conference
The Conference also featured a Startup Competition, the winner was Vecoy, a company which develops nano-scale particles that masquerade as healthy cells and entice viruses to attack them, thus protecting real tissues from viral diseases such as AIDS, influenza, herpes, and the Ebola virus. Vecoy was established approximately two years ago by Erez Livne, an alumnus of the 8200 Unit who holds a M.A. in Biology. The runner-up of the contest was CallApp, a cellular application which also competed in the latest TechCrunch Disrupt competition, and was created by OdedVolovitz. The panel of judges was comprised of Dr. Orna Berry, Corporate Vice President and the General Manager of the EMC Center of Excellence in Israel; Modi Rosen, Managing Partner at Magma VC; Adv. ArnonSamborski from the NaschitzBrandes law firm, and Haim Mer. Chairman and CEO of H. MER.

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