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RSA Archer GRC Platform

The RSA Archer GRC platform supports business-level management of enterprise governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC). As the foundation for all RSA Archer GRC solutions, the platform allows you to adapt each product to your requirements, build your own applications, and integrate with other systems without touching code.

  • Flexible – Build and manage business applications with a point-and-click interface. Non-technical users can automate processes, streamline workflow, control user access, tailor the user interface and report in real-time.
  • Unified – Use a common platform to manage policies, controls, risks, assessments and deficiencies across lines of business. Ease system complexity, strengthen user adoption and reduce training time.
  • Collaborative – Enable cross-functional collaboration and alignment among business users across IT, finance, operations and legal domains in an integrated framework using common processes and data. 
  • Business workflow – Define and streamline business processes through the Platform’s workflow capabilities.
  • Access control – Ensure data integrity and streamline the user experience by enforcing access controls to information that is appropriate for each user’s role.
  • Mobile capabilities – Conduct audit, risk and compliance assessments anywhere from your iOS mobile device.
  • Relationship Visualization – Easily visualize GRC data objectives and their relationships to make data-driven business decisions and ensure the highest risks are addressed.
  • Globalization – Utilize multiple local languages within the RSA Archer environment.
RSA Archer’s flexible strategy has won over some of the most demanding Fortune 500 companies. These businesses have seized the power of the RSA Archer GRC Platform to make RSA Archer solutions their own and to model additional business processes in a fraction of the time it would take to develop traditional custom applications.

View the RSA Archer GRC Platform data sheet

Watch the RSA Archer GRC Mobile Application demo

Watch the RSA Archer GRC Platform overview video

Watch the RSA Archer GRC Platform: Relationship Visualization demo

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